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Oneshot: jeremy's decision - a season 1 AU ending (Vampire Diaries) 
16th-Jan-2011 11:49 pm

Jeremy’s decision – a season 1 AU ending

Fandom: Vampire Diaries (TV-series)
Rating: G
Genre: romance, drama, AU
Characters/Pairings: Anna/Jeremy
Any warnings: Season 1 finale.
Disclaimer: Vampire Diaries (TV series) and its characters are not mine. I only write fan fiction!
A/N: Made for the ‘Goody e-bag week 02’




She came to him one night. Her face was a picture of misery and sadness.


He didn’t understand it at first, but then she told him about finding her mother and Harper dead; that she was all alone now. He understood then.


Her pain, bare and open on her face, was something he wanted to never have to witness again. This wasn’t the same girl he had gotten to know. It wasn’t the peppy, high-spirited and bold girl from only nights before.


She told him then that she wanted to leave. Wanted to make a clean break by leaving the place that took so much from her. First her happier days, then her family.


He couldn’t shake her from her plan, instead she asked him to come with her. She promised to always be there for him, to make sure that he was happy.


“If you come with me, I could turn you. I’ll show you how to turn it off... the pain and the sadness. There is something like a switch inside, and you can just let it go.”


“Is that what you want to do? You’ll just stop being you... you’ll just leave and be someone else?”


“No, I’d still be me... But there just won’t be hurt and sadness... the empty feeling you were always complaining about...”


He stayed silent for a while, just staring at her. She in turn stared at him in silence.


Finally he answered her.


“If I come with you... can I stay human?”


She looked at him innocently, and then she smiled a full smile at him.


She pulled him into her arms then and told him that she’d love him no matter what form he has or is in. He left that night with her, leaving Jenna. He tried explaining it to her, but then he let Anna compel Jenna into forgetting about him. He too wanted the clean break.


He never mentioned Elena to Anna. He still had unresolved hateful feelings for her; for manipulating him and his memories.


 They walked together to the car and entered it. She smiled at him then again, happy that he’d choose her over his old life. Or at least for now.




He nodded, and turned to the road. They set off into a new life. No one in Mystic Falls ever heard of Jeremy Gilbert again.


17th-Jan-2011 03:56 pm (UTC)
absolutely loved this!!!!
17th-Jan-2011 06:54 pm (UTC)
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