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A Click Away
part 4: a past unknown to her (Smallville/Supernatural) 
20th-May-2011 09:03 am
A past unknown to her – chapter 4

Fandom: Smallville, Supernatural
Rating: G
Genre: crossover
Characters/Pairings: Chloe, Gabe, Chloe/Dean
Any warnings: none.
Disclaimer: Smallville and Supernatural and its characters aren't mine. I only write fan fiction for fun and entertainment.
A/N: I was thinking about it... really. I wanted to update this story, but never really knew how to go about the next bit of story... But I finally am behind this again. Enjoy the next chapter.



Even a super reporter gets sick, and that’s the reason that she has been in bed for a week. She’s stuck with a runny nose, a fuzzy head and her teeth hurt on reflex – because they always hurt when she fevers up.


She’s a little disappointed when her friends don’t come every day to entertain her.


Clark came to see her once, blushing when she tried to interrogate him about his newfound relationship with her cousin. But as it was a sickly tiny blond in bed isn’t very intimidating.


Pete phones her twice, saying how sorry he was that he couldn’t visit, but since he had a really important game in a weeks time, he just couldn’t afford to get sick too. Jocks!


Lana is always in her own world, thinks Chloe irritated. The girl probably doesn’t even know yet that Chloe is sick at home, and hasn’t been to school in a week.


And Lois? Well, she’s been here once, and then she said she had a date with a new kid and that she had to prepare for it. This, thinks Chloe, means that she hasn’t noticed that Clark believes them to be in a relationship already... god she was going to enjoy watch her cousin and Clark dance around each other.


No one really cares about her thinks she in her weaken, sick state of mind. Well except for her dad, who is really happy that his girl is staying at home so much now.




The phone rings when she was almost dozing off. She lets it ring another time before picking it up.


To her surprise, someone else does actually care about her. And she gets a funny warm feeling inside her chest, knowing her cheeks were flushing this time not from fever.








“Hello! Who’s speaking?”




“Alright, if this is some sick joke, then just know that I’ll find out who you are, and I will make you feel sorry about it!”


“Ch...Chloe! It’s me...”


“Uh, me? Who’s that?”


“Dean... Dean Winchester.”


“I’m sorry; I don’t really know anyone by that name. But it kind of freaks me out that you know my first name and my private number...”


“Oz Hendricks?”


“Ohhh! Oz, Tyler and Jimmy-what’s-his-name! Hey, how are you *sneeze, blow nose* doing?”


“Good... I was just worried a little. I hadn’t seen you in some time. I just wanted to make ... uh, sure you’re alright.”


“Thank’s, I’m a little sick right now. So, I really didn’t feel like living at the moment. Or doing anything else a normal human would do all day long...”


He chuckles. “That’s good... I just wanted to make sure.”


Smiles. Frowns. “Hey, how did you get my number. I haven’t got it listed officially anywhere...!”




“Dean? I mean that is you’re real name, right?”






“I need to go now. Something just came up. See you.”




Even thought she is finally at her full strength again, she needs another week until she can peruse her dad to let her go story-hunt again.


But he finally caves, because he always does when she puts her sad puppy eyes on him.


Just before she leaves for another one of her hunts she hears her father grumble, that he liked her better sick.




Ok, so sometimes she really does feel bad about doing this to her father. She means the story-hunt. The getting into trouble, the letting him worry about her.


He is a single parent to a hazard-magnet. That really can’t be a blast.


But then she thinks of the gun he gave her, and the weird not-really-normal-way of her father letting her know that he respects her decisions, even though they sometimes cause him worry.


And that is when she feels really loved and happy again; and the guilt disappears for some time again.

1st-Jun-2011 09:49 am (UTC)
Just before she leaves for another one of her hunts she hears her father grumble, that he liked her better sick.

You know, I always thought Gabe got a bum rap on that show. (When I still watched, that is.) Because he had the potential to be such a terrific character and they just ignored him for the most part. Of course he would be worried about his only child, especially with all the danger she got into.


It's a good thing there's fanfic to make up for the "official" writers' mistakes.
2nd-Jun-2011 05:17 am (UTC)
I know what you mean... I sometimes wondered that after all the horrible things that happened to Chloe... they would only show the aftermath between her and Clark... I would sometimes wonder what the person/parent that is paying her medical bills thinks about all her mishaps...
and then he was in one (and a half) episodes... and I though woah... so he really does exist...

But you're right... I read a lot of fanfics with nice and very realistic Gabes in it... I remember one or two of yours that I really liked... lol. *blush(tries to hide her fangirl)*
2nd-Jun-2011 08:15 am (UTC)

I really like how you portray him too - as a real person with mixed feelings about his daughter's chosen path. I won't use your comments section as a forum to rant about the writing on the show, but I will reiterate that it's good there are decent writers willing to pick up the considerable deficits in fandom.
2nd-Jun-2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
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