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part 6: a past unknown to her (Smallville/Supernatural)

A past unknown to her – chapter 6

Fandom: Smallville, Supernatural
Rating: G
Genre: crosso
Characters/Pairings: Chloe
, Chloe/Dean
Any warnings: none.
Disclaimer: Smallville and Supernatural and its characters aren't mine. I only write fan fiction for fun and entertainment.
OK, two things... first is, remember this story is up until now always from Chloe’s POV. And this story will always be from her POV. And secondly. This is only part 1 of this chapter... having said that, please don’t hate me when you finish reading this chapter. Now, read and enjoy.




She’s out on one of her story hunts when it happens. One moment she was investigating the disappearances of young women and girls, and then the next she wakes up with headaches and trapped inside some sort of cage.


She feels around for her gun, the one her father gave her for emergencies, but doesn’t find it. Panic floods her for a moment, before she forces herself to calm down and take a deep breath.


Think, think, think... she tells herself. Think.




It takes her another panic bolt before she finally gets herself calm enough to actually really think through what to do next.


She feels around her cage, to see if there is some sort of weak spot. But she finds none. The lock is closed tight and seems electronic. And then she takes in her surroundings, that’s when she gets another shock and panic attack.




Other cages were around her, almost all empty but in one of them she counted two other girls. Both of them about her age and both blonds. They are crouched and hunched together. She hears them whimper.


She calls out to them, but the only reply she gets is an angry hush to be quiet, and the other one just stares at her with absolute despair and fear.


The stare of the other girl is so intense that Chloe looks away and gets frightened herself.




She’s in there for another hour when she tries to collect her thoughts enough to remember what she had been doing in the morning. How she actually ended up here.


She remembers the newspaper article she found on her dad’s desk in the morning. How it was reporting about the disappearance of several girls from an area nearby... only three hours away from Smallville.


The town name had been circled in red, and she had noticed that the newspaper clipping had been crumpled up, and straightened out again.


It was strange, but she had been too full of interest for the article and the information contained to think about the significance it actually meant that it was laying on her father’s desk between other less important papers.




“Hello, Dean?”


“Chloe. What’s wrong?”


“I’m after a story. A good one. I’ll text you the location and the info.”


“Look, I’m kind of busy with something myself. I’m not even sure if we’re in the same area...”


“I’ll race you there! Who ever cracks this one first wins. And you know what I want! ... Bye”


She closed the phone without listening to his reply. A smirk on her face.




The thing she had wanted was for Dean to finally meet her father.


Well, too bad that she was probably going to die before she could get her wish.




For a moment the hope that Dean might find her blurred up in here. But the hope was just as fast gone as it had come. He might never find her... Or he might not even come... he did say that he had been busy...


She buries her face in her hands, and tries not to let panic swallow her once more. Or depression.




After about another two hours – and here she really is only guessing – something happens.


She watches a really disgusting man enter the room that they were kept in. As far as she could tell, there were no meteor-powers involved. The man neared the cage with the two girls. He gave them something to eat and then left again.


She had been too frightened to say something. No ‘hey, where is my food’ no ‘who are you, why am I being kept here...’ no ‘what have you done with all the other girls (I read about)’.


She watches the two girls devour their food. The more frightened one starts to cry. It takes everything in Chloe not to start too.




Her stomach starts to grumble after watching them eat. But it’s pure stubbornness that hinders her to ask for something to eat.


Stubbornness because the other girls would have heard the fear in her voice. And she really doesn’t what the already scared girl crying again.


Chloe thinks she might too... if she did.




The doors to the cage open. Not her cage. Only that of the two girls. She watches the leading girl jump up from her place and race to the door. The other girl is following slower, more unsure of herself.


Chloe rattles on her own cage to see if it opens. It doesn’t.


“Hey, open my door! Please don’t leave me in here!” Her voice shakes, just as she knew it would.


The hardened one looks at her, then shakes her head. “We’ll be back with help. We promise. But we’ll have to leave you for now.” She turns to the frightened girl. “Come on; let’s quickly leave before someone comes...”


The frightened girl looks at Chloe with pity and shakes her head sorry. Then she leaves after her friend.


Chloe thinks that all of this is really strange. First the imprisonment, then the food, then the opening of the door. It can’t be some coincidence.


She hopes she’s wrong.




It’s some time after the two girls left and it is night, that she hears something that freezes her blood.


She hears laughter from outside. It’s male laughter. And it chills her to the bones.




It’s the next day. She is tired, sleep deprived and at the end of her means.


Then the man that has been in and out of this prison is coming. He is holding a dish in his hands. There is a certain foreboding inside her.


He disposes of the dish in front of her cage and then slides it over to her without opening the door.


She knows the following with horrifying certainty. She’s next. For whatever has happened to the other two girls... and those before her.


She’s next.


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