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Part 7: A past unknown to her (Smallville/Supernatural)

A past unknown to her – chapter 7

Fandom: Smallville, Supernatural
Rating: G
Genre: crossover
Characters/Pairings: Chloe, Chloe/Dean
Any warnings: none.
Disclaimer: Smallville and Supernatural and its characters aren't mine. I only write fan fiction for fun and entertainment.
A/N: OK, again people. This story is Chloe’s POV, so really don’t expect anything else. So, hope you’ll like this chapter... hehehe




She wonders what will happen to her. What has happened to the girls before her. There is a sick curiosity within her, and the sick satisfaction that she will soon know.


She’s almost resigned to her fate. Looking at the plate of food the realisation suddenly comes that she’ll not let end it this way. She’ll fight till the end.


Her father never raised her to just lie down and die. She remembers all the self defence lessons her father had made her go through with him. And she can clearly hear his voice telling her to look for a weapon. Nothing too big, or to heavy. Also to look for the nearest exit and to run like crazy.


She leaves the plate of food untouched when the door to her cage finally opens.




She takes a quick look around the room she had been captive in and notices some tools on the ground. It’s nothing she can really use, so she leaves the tools without touching them.


She grumbles because she had hoped to find her father’s gun. She knows now that she’ll have to make do without it.




When she emerges out of her prison, only then does she notice that the place she has been kept in is a barn, and that there is a house next to it. It looks old and worn down. The wood looks like it could use a paint-job, or better still new wood.


She doesn’t stop to regard it closer. The most important thing right now is getting out of this hell-hole and to safety.


On second thought, she should have at least looked around for a car. But she doesn’t want to return to look around. In case that’s in vain.




There is a field that she has to cross in order to get to the other side; on the other side a forest starts.


If anything, she knows that she’ll be much safer in the forest. More places to hide in. More of a chance to figure out what to do next. So she starts her track across the field.


That is when she hears male laughter again. It chills her and she feels her blood freeze over again. But she’s thankful that her legs don’t freeze, and that they continue running.


She identifies the laughter as plural, and not as she had hoped singular...


But she’s determined not to stand around like a deer caught in the headlines; so she continues running, now faster.


Then suddenly lights go on. And she knows that her chances of surviving have just shrunk to zilch.




She keeps on running, but looks up to see where the light is coming from. The light turns out to be from really big headlights. Like the ones in a baseball stadium or the ones they have at home on the football fields of Smallville High.


While running for her life she makes the resolution to never attend a game (be it baseball or football) at night again, if she lives through this.




She hears gun’s being fired at her feet, but they don’t stop her. So she continues to jump and run, varying with each gun-shot. 


Something hits her on the legs and she misses not only her steps but stumbles and falls nose first to the ground. She has abrasions on her face and hands from trying to catch her fall. It burns like hell, but after a moment the pain disappears and trying to survive becomes the first and foremost thought.


That’s when she notices a shadow standing over herself. She looks up and her heart hammers away.




He is standing over her. A rifle in his hands.


He’s laughing, his mouth opened wide and she can see the dark stumbles that should have been white teeth. It’s revolting and it makes her angry. She isn’t scared, not momentarily. For the moment she’s just angry and knows one thing for sure.


She doesn’t want to die today, and she sure as hell doesn’t want to get killed by him. A hillbilly.


She grabs around and as soon as her hand connects with an object she grabs onto it and swings it around. It flies through the air, and only when it hits him does she notice that it was a piece of wood.


He’s staggering on his feet. She doesn’t stop to admire her handy-work though. As soon as she sees that he is staggering and probably confused, she jumps at him and her knee connects with his groin.


He is down and sealing around the ground, in pain.


She doesn’t wait, and starts running again; picking up his rifle on the way.


This time back to the house she was running from.




As she runs she wonders where a means of transportation could be hidden. Because she is sure that there has to be a car somewhere around.


She’s almost at the door when she is knocked down again. The rifle in her hand gets knocked out too, and is thrown a few feet away from her.


She hears laughter again. And when she turns around quickly, she sees another man above her. Again, the man looks just as disgusting at the other. His face is dirty and unshaved, and he had almost a dumb-look on his face.


This man has no gun in his hands, instead an army knife. A big one. He is laughing, telling her how much he is enjoying this and swinging the knife down at her. She rolls away in time to avoid being stabbed, and hears screaming.


It happens so fast that she really could not keep up with the happenings.




One moment the man – who was obviously trying to kill her- was sprouting a big disgusting smirk on his face, the next she saw Dean run towards her and the man turn. And then suddenly both where fighting, with the hillbilly trying to goat Dean into loosing self-control, while Dean himself did the same, saying that his dad was out of commission, just like his sis.


Just before Dean could make another hit, she scrambled up to her feet and ran to where the rifle was lying idly. She picked it up, and turned – ready to use it on Dean’s and her mutual enemy – only to see Dean stand over a now unconscious man.


Dean looked at her with relief while breathing really heavy. And all she could think of was ‘you came, you came’. She must have said it out loud thinks Chloe because the next moment Dean was nodding and slowly approaching her, telling her to put down the gun, and that everything was alright.


Almost stupidly, Chloe looked down to see that she had now pointed her rifle at Dean.


Almost like it was hot iron that was burning her, she let go of it and threw it to the ground, muttering a broken ‘oh god’.


In one swift move, Dean picked up the gun and then took her shaking form into his arms.


It was then that the dam broke. She let her tears run freely.


He came. He’d saved her. Just when she thought that she was going to die.


Dean came!


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