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A Click Away
Ficlet: of catacombs and concrete walls (Vampire Diaries) 
10th-Jun-2011 10:58 am

Of Catacombs and Concrete Walls

Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Rating: pg
Genre: AU, humour, friendship, romance
Characters/Pairings: Caroline, Tyler
Any warnings: AU. Instead of being freed by Damon in the Lockwood dungeons, Caroline and Tyler were able to free themselves and are now looking for an exit.
Disclaimer: Vampire Diaries (TV show) and its characters aren’t mine. I only write fan fiction for fun and entertainment.
A/N: I know the title implies something rather kinky. But it isn’t. I would rather see it as a sweet humorous little ficlet. Hope you enjoy it. And please drop a line or two if you did...





„Darn, now what?“ asked Tyler as they stood in front of a concrete wall.


Caroline looked back from the tunnel they had come from. Then back at the concrete wall in front of them. This had been wall number eight they had walked into. Hm...


“We’ll just turn around. Follow the path we had been going and then we’ll choose the left instead of the right tunnel.”


Tyler looked at her doubtingly. “I knew we should have waited out help somewhere...” he mumbled, while crossing his arms over his chest protectively, defensively.


“And I told you that Klaus or his henchmen would have found us! So we did the right thing in escaping and trying to find a way out by ourselves.”


“Caroline, we’re in the Lockwood catacombs. You know what catacombs are? They’re a whole tunnel system to hide the dead in...” he replied, panic slowly rising in his voice.


Maybe they really should have stayed somewhere put thought Caroline now, looking at Tyler.


“...we’re as good as dead!” finished Tyler terrified.


Caroline did something she never thought she might have the chance to do. It was such a Hollywood – old Hollywood movies – thing to do. She slapped him in the face. “Calm down!” she growled.


“We’re not going to die... and you know why? Because I am a vampire and I don’t die... and because you’re a werewolf, and we both now that your kind needs a lot more than a day of starving to weaken!”


Her mean growling seemed to work on him, he looked at her stunned. Then after a moment a shy, blushing smile appeared on his face. Caroline blushed herself and looked away. Just to be faced the concrete wall again.


Right, their problem.


“So...” she started.


Tyler looked at her, eye brows raised, like he was expecting something. Just the way when they both had been chained to the wall in the dungeons... expecting something to be said, or to happen. Probably coming from her.


“So...” he now replied.


“So... how about trying it again...”


“Huh?” was Tyler’s non-understanding reply.


“I meant, let’s go back and try it again. But this time we’ll take the tunnel on the left side.”


“Tunnel...” said Tyler slowly. He seemed to finally understand, because he blushed and coughed. “Right... right, tunnel. Left it is then.”


They started tracking back and no one spoke again.


That was until they were faced with concrete wall number nine.


10th-Jun-2011 12:52 pm (UTC)
aw loved it. Forwood rocks.
10th-Jun-2011 01:05 pm (UTC)
yup... it does.
cute icon! (loved the scene...lol)
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