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A Click Away
Oneshot: hundred brush strokes (Roswell/Smallville) 
3rd-Jul-2009 05:08 pm

Hundred brush strokes

Fandom: Smallville, Roswell, Aquaman
Author: vodooman
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Romance, Hurt and Comfort
Characters/Pairings: Tess/AC
Short summary: Hundred brush strokes to make the hair shiny and smooth. Hundred brush strokes and don’t think about him, she told herself.
Any warnings: There is a character death in here, and the tone of the fic isn’t really happy and all…
Disclaimer: Smallville, Roswell and Aquaman and its characters are not mine. I only write fanfiction!
A/N: This is the first fic made for the fic_variations com… My prompt was lie. My choice of the pairing is because I love both AC and Tess… I thought it was unfair that they don’t have bigger roles in their respective series… In case of AC, well, I thought it was shitty that they cancelled Aquaman the TV series…
Note: Tess didn’t get pregnant with Zan, instead she met AC as he freed her from a 33.1 facility. This fic is compliant with the other fic I started called ‘The Queen of Antar’.




Hundred brush strokes to make the hair shiny and smooth. Hundred brush strokes and don’t think about him, she told herself. Count them, and concentrate on the strokes, don’t make them too hard, or you might hurt her, don’t do them too lightly, because then it wouldn’t help… one, two, three, she started counting.


She concentrated on the hair colour that her daughter had inherited from her father, and tried not to think about that when she went her hand trough it, it almost felt like it did when she did the same with him. No, she thought, his hair was shorter than hers.


“AC, I’m pregnant… I know we didn’t plan on it to happen…” she said, crushing the tissue in her hands, twisting it and looking at her hands, she was afraid to look at him.


They had been sitting on a bench by the ocean, listening to the soothing sounds of waves when she finally took all her courage together to confess what she already knew to be true for a whole week now.


To her surprise all he did was get up, and then stare out into the ocean. When he turned around to face her, she noticed the soft features of his face and the most beautiful smile from him.


He extended his arm towards her and without thinking about it, she instinctively took it. He took her into his arms and then started to sway with her, to the sounds of the waves. He seemed to dance to his own music, happy, chuckling and then he kissed the top of her head and stroked it.


“Thank you” was all he said and continued to dance with her.


Four, five, six…


They were lying together in bed, him stroking her large stomach, sometimes just putting his ear near it and telling her that he could hear her heartbeat.


“Tess, I was thinking maybe we could name her after my mother.”


She smiled sadly, remembering the scenes she had seen through their connecting. She too had seen his mother being chocked by a siren. His mother had saved him, but that day AC had lost something important to his life. For years he believed his mother’s death to be solely his fault.


“Atlanna” she murmured. She liked how it sounded on her tongue. A child born of royalty, from both sides. “She’ll be our little princess Atlanna!” said she with a big smile on her face.


At that moment little Atlanna started to kick against her mothers stomach, and AC put his hand excitedly on his wife’s stomach and started to tell his daughter all the things he’d teach her once she just got out her mothers womb.


Seven… eight… nine…


“Tess! Tess!!” screamed a man through the fire.


She held her daughter close to her. “It’s alright Atlanna! Everything is alright, mummy is here… Nothing will happen to you…” It was all she could say to her daughter, a girl of barely one year, without giving away the fear that was terrorising her.


She could feel the heat of the fire; she could feel how it was affecting her daughter. Her little daughter was just like her father in this sense; too much heat would dehydrate them faster and might even kill them.


The little girl in her arms wasn’t moving anymore.


“Tess! Atlanna!!!” came the scream again.


“AC?” asked Tess confused. Fire was fatal to him, he shouldn’t be here. He should just leave them, and instead wait for the firemen to do their work… thought she, now becoming more hysterical, because of the fear for not only her daughter, but her husband too.


“Tess! I’m coming… Don’t worry! I’m almost here!!” She could hear the strain in his words. She could feel through the connection they had made years ago how the fire was also affecting him. It was hurting him…




She started to choke on her sob. Tears were running down her face. She stopped to stroke her daughter’s hair. She placed the comb next to the little girl in her lap, and then hugged her daughter. She never got over ten. Not yet.


Hundred brush strokes, she told herself were the amount she needed to finally let go of her past, of what had happened. Of a life with a man she would never have again. AC hadn’t left her for another different destiny; he hadn’t deserted her or her daughter.


Instead he had tried to save them when the fire had broken out in their house. He had saved them and the severed dehydration had killed him.


Little Atlanna was only four now, she wouldn’t understand what happened to her father yet. Tess wanted her daughter to know about her heritage, from both sides, but she told herself that once she was able to do hundred brush strokes she would do so. Only then could she tell her daughter about her heroic father without crying and breaking her daughter’s heart too.


Until then she would lie to her daughter about being happy, she would plaster a smile on her face and pretend everything was alright. She only cried sometimes. Only when she attempted to stroke her daughter’s hair a hundred times.



8th-Jul-2009 12:02 pm (UTC)
Aww man!! that was so sad. Now I know I read somewhere that in the comics Aquaman dies, but...sniff... that's way too sad. Very good story...just....awwww man?! :)
8th-Jul-2009 03:30 pm (UTC)
lol. sorry about that. you're the first one to comment... but hey... you know me. I'm a happy ending person. and as far as I am concerned... this series is by far not over... *wink*
8th-Jul-2009 03:33 pm (UTC)
Well you know I'm a fan of your stuff, so...there. :) I love the pic too. I have searched everywhere for good A.C/Aquaman shots. .. I'll keep reading....
8th-Jul-2009 05:02 pm (UTC)
I know.. it's like you were the first and only one that I read really nice AC fics from... I know shadowglove had an ac/chloe fic, but it wasn't about them only... they were more or less a side-story... *pout*

you got some more AC-stroy plots? something you wanna do in the future?
8th-Jul-2009 06:56 pm (UTC)
Oh heck yeah. I've taking stories off my need to complete list like crazy. So up next aside from the chlonny I started was to finish like a fish out of water. I need to the proposal and the wedding...then on to miscellneous chlurry fluff.... :)
8th-Jul-2009 07:35 pm (UTC)
waaahhh!!!! hhuuuuggge fangirl squeeee!!!!
cool! well, i cant wait for that!
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