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A Click Away
Oneshot: completion (Roswell/Smallville) 
17th-Jul-2009 11:47 pm
Author: vodooman
Rating: G
fic_variations Prompt/Claim: Tess/AC, lie
Spoilers: Smallville is up to the episode with Justice... AC is working as Aquaman for Ollie, and they are taking down 33.1 facilities. As for Roswell, Tess never came to Roswell, and subsequently doesn't know anything about Max or the other aliens. This fic is compliant with another one I wrote. You can, but don't have to read it... Queen of Antar, in case you do want to.
Warnings: none.
Author's Notes: I was thinking about making this a little shorter... I know there really isn't a lot happening here... but to be honest, those quiet moments in life are just as much needed as the action filled ones... besides, I wanted to show a deeper side to the relationship between AC and Tess... so people undestood why it was that they loved each other so much...




So, this is what it was like to feel complete, thought Tess as she sat next to AC on the beach. They were both sitting in the sand, their feet were dug in sand a little and both just sat to stare out at the ocean.


It had been two weeks since they made the connection, two weeks since he freed her from the facility in which she had been taken captive in; and two weeks since she finally gained her freedom again.


Their connection hadn’t been made during a sexual act, or while her using her powers, instead it had been made the first time they came into contact with each other. When AC had put his hand on her, he had connected to her vulnerable self, and she in return had willingly opened up for him. It wasn’t that she knew at that time what had happened, or why, only now weeks later did it really occur what exactly had happened.


So, she and AC had connected. A connection which actually should have been made between her and the man that was supposed to be the incarnation of King Zan of Antar. What little she knew of the connection was, that it didn’t mean that she had to be together with AC, only that if she decided to be together with him, that it would make things simpler between them.


The connection made it impossible for the other to lie. It also made it possible for one to feel the emotions of the other, as well as see things of the past of the other. She also knew that the connection went both ways, which meant that there really would never be any secret between them.


“Whose feelings do you think this is?” asked AC, stirring her out of her thoughts.


“What?” asked Tess startled. She knew what he was asking, but was he meaning the feeling of completion that was washing over her, without them even touching, only sitting next to each other.


“I feel… some kind of inner calm, I’d say. I feel…” he started to explain. He stopped then, because he wasn’t quite finding the right word.


She replied the first thing that came to her mind, completing his sentence. “…whole?”


AC stared at her for a moment, and then smiled a soft and warming smile. He chuckled, showing off his pearl white teeth, and nodded. He drew his knees closer to his upper body and then rested his hands on them, clasping them together. “Yes, whole.”


They were still not touching, only sitting next to each other on the beach. Still they were only looking out at the ocean, the waves making sounds as they continued to stroke the beach’s sandy shore.


“It might be …” she started, and blushed, because she really didn’t want to admit to him that it might be only her feelings which he was now feeling through their connection. She only knew him for two weeks, but the connection had made it look like she already knew him all her life. She knew of his mother’s brave act to save him, knew of his loving adoptive father, and of the long road he had to go through to finally become a member of Oliver Queen’s League of Pro-Active Heroes.


She had - the first time she saw him - felt save and protected with him, and ever since the connection, the feeling only grew. But the connection still didn’t change the way she was more often than not embarrassed of herself and her looks. She might have been a beautiful Queen in her ‘other life’, but in this one, she always felt aware of her strangeness, her different-ness. It made her self-aware more then she would have been, if she had been a normal human girl.


“Maybe, it’s the both of us…” said AC, once again pulling her out of her thoughts. Having been lost in her thoughts, she now looked a little confessed at what he was talking about. He only smiled knowingly, and then nudged her saying. “Maybe it is both of us that have this feeling. Completion, that’s what it feels like. Maybe it is so strong, because we both feel it…”


Tess smiled at him, understanding the confession he had made towards her. The feelings she had, were mutual! She shyly ducked her head, but at the same time scooted over to him, she was leaning into him now, but else nothing changed. They were still looking out at the ocean, listening to the sounds of the waves. Together.

18th-Jul-2009 12:51 am (UTC)
sigh......awe...... love it.
18th-Jul-2009 05:59 am (UTC)
me too! I mean thank you! lol.

this was for the hopeless romantics between us! *wink*
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