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A Click Away
Drabble: not romantic (Roswell/Supernatural) 
25th-Jul-2009 11:20 am

Not romantic

Author: vodooman
Rating: G
fic_variations Prompt/Claim: Dean/Maria (SPN/Roswell), sun
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: Yohhhooo! All my drabbles done for the fic variations! So, now that this is done, I can go and finish my other claim for the comm... AC/Tess, here I come!!!




She has always known that he wasn’t the most romantic one. He’s pretty cheap on his dates with her. Buys her chocolate from a gas stop, picks flowers from the roadside, and god forgive that nasty habit of his to always take a doggy bag with the left over food that they couldn’t finish.


But then there are things that he does that show her just how much she means to him. When ever they enter a new motel room, he does a sweep through before letting her enter, or the sun-shaped protection he drew with permanent marker on her skin – which washed off easy, because he knows that she would never want a real tattoo - or the trail of salt she always finds near her side of the bed.


He’s not romantic, but he loves her; and that is enough for her.


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