vodooman (vodooman) wrote in a_click_away,

Drabble: her job (Heroes)

Her job

Fandom: Heroes
Pairing/Character: Elle
Prompt: carnival
Disclaimer: Heroes and its characters are not mine! I only write fan fiction for funs and entertainment.




So many people were out, celebrating on the streets. Colours and sounds invaded her senses, crowded places made it hard to continue on the path she needed to go.


But she pushed herself through them, nonetheless. And when she couldn’t continue, because someone in front of her was not moving, she just used her ability and jolted them a little.


Not much tough. Only enough to give them a shock to move.


While people around her celebrated, she made her way to the next person on her list. She had a job, and a ‘special individual’ to collect.


For Daddy!


Tags: character - elle bishop, fandom - heroes
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