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a_click_away's Journal

A Click Away
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Fanfiction written by vodooman
A click away is my writing comm... I post my fanfics in here... All of them are tagged so that you'll find your interest much easier. I've got a variety of fics and fandoms here, so take your time to brows through them, and read them all at your leasure.

I always encourage people to continue or to get inspired by my fics, because I believe that that is the spirit of Fanfiction... There is only one thing I really want you to do though, if you do get inspired or continue a fic or series of mine... please credit!!! Just one line telling the readers where you got this idea from is enough! It's really not that hard.

Otherwise, I also encourage people to put this comm on your watch list... THat way you'll know when I am updating something or not!

Here is a list of the fandoms I have written stories and drabbles for, to lure you into entering and reading my stuff! (evil chuckles)
buffy the vampire slayer | charmed | gilmore girls | harry potter | heroes | house | jonas | roswell | sailor moon | smallville | twilight | vampire diaries | x-men

And my crossovers:
batman/smallville | buffy/heroes | buffy/lord of the rings | buffy/stargate | buffy/twilight | cheaper by the dozen/smallville | fantastic 4/heroes | fantastic 4/smallville | harry potter/vampire diaries | heroes/moonlight | heroes/smallville | heroes/supernatural | heroes/x-men | labyrinth/smallville | lord of the rings/roswell | medallion/smallville | mib/smallville | moonlight/smallville | roswell/smallville | roswell/supernatural |sailor moon/x-men |smallville/supernatural | smallville/twilight | smallville/x-men

I always encourage you to drop a line or two about how you liked my writing... and you can always prompt something!